Is Bulk Message a Smart Marketing Strategy in Lucknow ?

bulk message marketing

A solid marketing plan is a driving force behind every company’s success. You cannot instill trust in a consumer unless you have a suitable marketing solution. Marketing is the only way to contact a large number of people. The most common marketing method is bulk SMS. To receive the finest services for your organization, contact the top bulk SMS provider in India. Bulk SMS is one of the most effective and efficient techniques of marketing.

If you’re still on the fence about using bulk SMS in your organization, consider the following points:

Quick response rate- according to a report, the average response time of a message is 60 times faster than that of an email. The average response time to a text message is 90 seconds. Email, on the other hand, takes 90 minutes. SMS marketing generates a high response rate. It is 75% quicker than email.

Cost-effective- We are continuously looking for a cost-effective marketing plan. Most small firms employ bulk SMS services because they provide more benefits at a lower cost. Digital marketing is expensive. You may have to pay for each person who sees your ad even if they do not click on it. Email marketing is less expensive than digital marketing, but not as inexpensive as SMS marketing.

Good conversation rate- We are constantly looking for a type of marketing that has a high discussion rate. According to the statistics, SMS engagement is at least six times greater than email marketing engagement. It can go up to 85 percent. SMS marketing efforts outperform email marketing campaigns by a factor of seven. SMS conversation verification rates are 250 times greater than email verification rates. As a result, you can comprehend the effectiveness of SMS marketing.

Text customization- We strive for creative methods to make our clients feel special. SMS marketing gives you the option to do so. You may personalize the messages that are delivered to them. Keep track of their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. You may wish them a happy birthday and make them feel connected to your company. Text message customization is basic and straightforward.

What Is A Transactional Message 

Transactional messages are also known as Service Messages in transactional bulk SMS providers. These messages are directed to the user. These communications should only be accessible to the user and client, and there should be no trace of any marketing campaign or promotional component in these messages. These are purely informative in nature and have no ulterior commercial objective. The following is an example of a transactional message:

1. Messages to account holders on the amount accessible in their bank accounts or any other activity carried out by the user in his account are frequently sent by banks.

2. Messages about the amount of the invoice, for example, are frequently sent to the relevant firms.

3. Information supplied to interested passengers by airlines, Indian Railways, or authorized agencies for these services on their ticket bookings, reservations, and travel itinerary.

4. Registered educational institutions provided information to students’ guardians or parents.

5. Information relating to the commodities was provided by registered corporations to various agents, workers, or consumers.

The Bulk SMS Gateway is also permitted to deliver these messages to NDNC numbers via bulk SMS provider, and a certain sender ID that fits inside a specific alphabetical format is employed. The potential of receiving complaints from an NDNC registered number exists at times, and the user may make a complaint against this, which you should be aware of when you begin your Bulk SMS gateway business.

If you want to implement a low-cost marketing approach, bulk message marketing might be an excellent choice.

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