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In today’s digital mobile world, bulk SMS is no longer a simple marketing text or a transaction alert. Timely and contextual text with auto embedded calls now  action can help businesses enrich a whole host of customer touch points from product discovery to purchase and feedback.

Choosing a best SMS provider based out of your work location is not a necessity in modern world since everything that you wish to achieve can be done by proper co-ordination via mobile communication and internet based services. 24hrs best Comprehensive support from your service provider must be available from the very beginning to enhance your experience.

you must check-out for top bulk sms gateway based on important factors like

Service can be checked based on below points:

  • SMS Delivery Speed: SMS Delivery is a measure of the percentage of outgoing SMS. There is no standard time frame for measuring SMS or text message but it should get delivered with in 2 to 10 seconds on a valid and reachable mobile number. If sms is not getting delivered in 15 seconds on valid number, You must re-considure before selecting that . Lucknow Bulk SMS Gateway provider.
  • API Integration : Automation is most important thing to save time and cost. Also automation is important to avoid human errors. SMS APIs help business to automate messages sent to vendors or end-customers. Lucknow Bulk SMS Gateway API must be simple, strong and easy to integrate.
  • Web-interface: Since you are going to be using it on a regular basis, its really important that the solution in pretty intuitive and easy to use. A quick look at the website or web-interface which will give you a decent idea on how the good the solution is going to be.
  • Delivery ratio: provider can play around with delivery percentages in order to have higher profits. Since people generally send messages in bulk, it becomes very tough to manually track the delivery and vendors take advantage of this. So please make sure that you get complete transparency around delivery statistics and sms delivery ratio is around 90% and it must be more then 96% delivery ratio on valid and reachable mobile numbers.
  • SMS-Addon/Plugins: Its not easy to write code for all the actions, Some code must be re-usable. With e-commerce, there are some popular platforms like magento and woo commerce where it should be an option of extension and plugin to enable sms functionality. Also, . Lucknow Bulk SMS Gateway must have option to get integrate with other platforms like CRMs/ ERP and similar platforms to save integration time and cost.
  • Security : . Lucknow Bulk SMS Gateway Interface should be secure enough and it should be ssl enabled user-interface to send sms. You can check this factor before selecting the sms gateway partner for your business.
  • Pricing: Everyone likes save money and buy low cost product/service but Most of the time low cost does not come with high quality. Good quality items always have a good price.

Through bulk SMS service, companies or businesses have started providing many types of bulk SMSs like Transactional SMSs, OTPs (One Time Password), Images, PDF attachments, Promotional Messaging, Order Confirmation, Notifications, Alerts, Booking Transaction SMS, Account Information, Delivery Status SMS, User Verifications, Upcoming Reminders, Appointment Messages, School & Campus Updates to Parents, Birthday Wishes and Festival Greetings etc.

Some of the features of bulk SMS services are they have a very high-open rate as compared to any other medium of digital marketing, it lets you capture the maximum customer base, it’s also the most cost-effective method of digital marketing, messages go right on target and customers feel relieved and satisfied with your services which further also builds a brand reputation and goodwill. There are many best companies for bulk SMS services in Lucknow .