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What's Lucknow bulk SMS? How can businesses benefit from Lucknow bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS or “bulk messaging’ refers specifically to companies sending SMS messages to several recipients through mass SMS providers like Lucknow Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS can be scaled up to millions of users when it comes to announcements or promotions. In addition, bulk SMS could also refer to individual SMS that is delivered to customers based on an event, e.g. receiving an alert regarding an online credit card transaction. Both of these actions are easily accomplished through the bulk SMS service providers since they permit businesses to design plans, schedule, and send, as well as keep track of Lucknow’s large SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS is employed by global corporations, SMB developers, educational institutions, SMBs as well as NGOs, and government agencies to send product announcements, informational communication as well as transactional alerts, order updates and reminders, feedback, and much more. Find out how Lucknow bulk SMS is used in different sectors.

How much will bulk SMS cost?

Our bulk SMS software and service are completely free to use. You just pay for the text messages you send. You can purchase Lucknow credit for bulk SMS online, and use these credits to send commercial and transactional messages (1 SMS credit equals one single SMS with 160 characters). Take a look at our bulk SMS rates.

Whatever your requirements for business SMS, Lucknow bulk SMS helps you increase your ROI by offering multiple award-winning features, direct telecom partnerships, and a robust technology backend. Beware of any bulk SMS service that is offering extremely low prices, because they typically offer poor quality delivery and false delivery reports. Send messages with ease using our web-based SMS portal that is easy to use and our plugins. For sales inquiries, you can contact our number at +91-7905908866 or send us an email by email at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch with you.

Lucknow bulk SMS happens to be the top-rated mass SMS company. Here are additional reasons why SMEs and large corporations are in love with Lucknow bulk SMS.

How can I get SMS on the internet?

Utilizing an inbound long code (10-digit numbers) as well as a missed call number or dual VMNS, you can receive online SMS from India by your clients. You can buy specific long codes or keywords for shared long codes in order to create your SMS address and get responses. It’s free to receive messages and charges the customer the standard costs for the network. All messages will show up on the account of your Lucknow Bulk SMS Account. Simply log in and browse them at your own leisure. You may also opt to forward all incoming messages to you by email, for no cost.

Benefits of Bulk SMS?

SMS represents major whitespace in marketing.

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt, and 98% of SMS messages, in general, are read compared to 24% of emails? The engagement rates of all other cross-platform mediums combined don’t even come close. They’re not even in the same ballpark.

SMS marketing isn’t about just sending off a generic marketing message — there are a number of creative ways brands use texts, such as by offering coupons and promotions, providing customer service or important updates, and sending appointment reminders.

What is a bulk SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway enables a computer to send or receive SMS service broadcasts to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages end up in cellular networks. Many SMS gateways support the conversion of emails and other formats.

There are 2 types of bulk SMS services:

  • 1. Transactional Bulk SMS: These messages are sent to customers who receive information about their banking transactions. The bank sends bulk SMS to report specific information about ATM services or internet transactions.
  • 2. Promotional Bulk SMS: These messages are intended for promotions, brands, or any event where the customer receives SMS on their mobile phone.

An SMS gateway works as a bridge between mobile network operators and wireless application service providers. They enable the distribution of SMS traffic to a short message service center of a cellular network function and then to the cellular number of a recipient.

Benefits of a Bulk SMS Gateway

Secure channel to deliver confidential alerts.

Affordable method of brand promotion.

Capable of reaching out to a diverse customer group simultaneously.

User-friendly platform to connect with clients instantly.

No internet availability is needed.

Easy to integrate.

Personalized reach without any intermediary.

Hassle-free communication channel without the risk of spam or filter.

No technical knowledge is needed to begin an SMS campaign.

Convenient and flexible channel for transmitting vital updates.

Lucknow Bulk SMS as a service provider allows you to maintain and improve customer relationships, create marketing campaigns, retarget the market, lead generation, and carry out automated surveys through their bulk SMS services.

Why should businesses utilise Lucknow mass SMS?

In the modern world of mobiles, SMS has a head start over all other channels by a wide margin with a 97% open rate (vs 10%-30 percent open rates for social media and email channels) and 10% more responses. Through the use of actionable links in the message, bulk SMS may aid in improving conversion rates throughout the customer lifecycle, including engagement, acquisition as well as retention. Learn more about the benefits of adding Lucknow bulk SMS into the strategy for mobile.

How do I send large SMS online?

Follow the steps below in order to make bulk SMS available online via Lucknow mass SMS

  1. Join today for an account for a Lucknow Bulk SMS Account
  2. Purchase SMS credits
  3. Contacts can be added or uploaded
  4. Send your message in English or other popular regional languages.
  5. Make your campaigns more effective and personalize your messages with merge fields, add short links, add to files, take surveys, and much more! Plan or send out the message
  6. Real-time delivery reports are tracked and advanced click reports on campaigns

How does bulk SMS work?

Bulk SMS is the service when you send hundreds of text messages, simultaneously and globally, using a high-speed, secure, and device-agnostic API or through a web interface platform.

You can find here the 6 steps to make it work:

  1. log in to your Route account here:


  1. Upload your customer list.
  2. Segment your customer list.
  3. Create an SMS campaign
  4. Choose the audience (unlimited contacts)
  5. Write and send your message

How can bulk SMS service help improve a business?

The customer expects unrestricted benefits at all times. To connect with customers, businesses now employ digital channels. Businesses can use a digital platform to track their growth and advertising. Some businesses advertise on the internet to improve their customer base. However, web advertising has significant limitations in that it only reaches clients who use PCs or laptops with an active internet connection.

Bulk SMS is a software solution that allows companies to send a huge number of messages to a group of clients at once. Bulk SMS service is one of the greatest media to employ when advertising a product or service; this extremely versatile medium may also be used to improve customer service.

One of the most common types of mobile marketing is bulk SMS marketing. It is the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective method of disseminating information. When compared to email marketing, bulk SMS has a higher open and response rate. Along with all these advantages, Bulk SMS is also

  • Affordable
  • Easy to interact with clients
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Generate repeat sales
  • Speed and flexibility

If you want to increase site traffic to your business, bulk SMS service are extremely effective in generating leads. It might help you build a trusting relationship with your potential customers. A well-organized SMS Marketing strategy attracts new customers while also assisting in the development of favorable relationships with existing customers. Lucknow Bulk SMS, a prominent provider of call center software solutions, provides bulk SMS service to businesses of all sizes.

How do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?

You can choose that SMS provider that provides the features mentioned below:

  • Deal with your Address Book/Phone Book.
  • You can send messages instantly to any individual customer or to a particular gathering.
  • You can prepare the framework to send out messages on a specific day and also times for celebrations or individuals.
  • Transfer Excel Sheet, Note Pad Data, or Comma Delimited Documents [csv file] (with number as well as message) to send Bulk messages without influencing place to book.

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