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Lead Generation Tips to Get the Most of Bulk SMS Campaigns

There are more than 4 billion mobile users across the world. And it will soon cross 5 billion of users’ base in the world by 2020. It is our smartphone which connects us to the world on the go. Hence, bulk SMS has become the next big thing for various brands and companies. People prefer to receive offers and promotions through SMS from their loved brands. This is the reason SMS campaign has been very useful for lead generation. Read on to know how to generate leads successfully with bulk message.


SMS campaigns need strong Call to Action (CTA)

The call to action or CTA is the most vital part of bulk messaging. It is helpful for customers to know your offer, rewards, coupon codes, and ways to claim rewards. It must be easy to understand and clear. Your lead generation will fail if your customers don’t understand what to do after getting your message. So, you need to keep things simple. Simple instructions can help you to lure customers.


There are usually three types of Bulk SMS campaigns


Promotional SMS

Send customized promotional SMS to promote your business and give reason to your customers why they should stick to your business. Make your marketing campaigns more transparent and expand your reach by sending coupons, promotional offers, and discounts to both new and existing customers from 9am to 9pm via an Alphabetic 6-character sender ID.


Transactional SMS

Use interactive, easy and smooth interface to send transactional SMS across India and the world. You can send SMS in bulk at any time of the day. You can send information and make online transactions smoother for customers. You can send OTPs, alerts, passwords, and security pins. Transactional SMS is available for B2C and B2B firms. You will have an Alphabetic 6-character sender ID to send SMS to both DND and non-DND customers according to TRAI rules.


Bulk Voice Call

Bulk voice call is a pre-recorded, outbound call and is used as automated voice call to give information to customers right away. You can convey your marketing message or important information to thousands of customers at the same time via recorded voice message. These types of messages are widely used for sending notifications, community alerts, or for promotional purposes.



Usually, weekdays are the best times to send SMS. For example, morning hours from 8am to 12 noon are best time as people usually check their emails, arrive at office, and may have time to read your SMS and even shop online.


Afternoons are usually busy periods. So, it is better to spread your message in evening hours, i.e. from 5pm to 9pm, so customers can take time to read your SMS and respond.


Make sure not to overwhelm your customers with discounts and offers as it is really very annoying and can cause extreme effects on your brand. When response rates are 45% in bulk SMS, there is only 6% response rate with email marketing. So bulk SMS is more effective than email marketing campaigns.