Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

mobile marketing strategy Lucknow

1. You don’t have a mobile marketing plan in place.

That may seem patronizing, but the truth is that the great majority of Indian businesses do not engage in mobile marketing in any meaningful sense. We estimate that almost two-thirds of businesses continue to deny the mobile phone’s stratospheric development and all of its miracles and problems. Mobile has transformed the way we connect and communicate, and it now accounts for a growing portion of digital spending.

To us, it’s perplexing that most businesses appear to neglect the mobile phone in favor of sticking to more traditional and secure marketing platforms. Enough with the raving; the plain issue is that most businesses do not have a mobile strategy.

2. It is not connected.

Companies who have gotten into mobile marketing have viewed it as a type of add-on, an optional supplement to their core marketing efforts. Any mobile activity is frequently conducted in a vacuum, with no connection to previous efforts. Many businesses, for example, would have tried deploying a mass SMS campaign to boost sales. So the marketing department will have prepared an offer, reduced it to 160 characters, and dispatched it. As a result, the consumer receives an SMS out of the blue with no context or extra information.

We found that over 95% of marketing bulk SMS messages do not include a link to a mobile-friendly website. Worse, 72 percent of organizations that do send an SMS with a link include a URL that directs the user to a non-mobile-optimized site. The enthusiastic buyer clicks the link, waits a few minutes for the site to load, or, more realistically, rolls their eyes and clicks away.

3. It’s a one-hit-wonder.

Many businesses regard mobile as a risky experiment, one that should only be attempted once or twice before being quietly filed away in the “we tried it” folder. The problem with that strategy is that not everyone uses their phones in the same way; in fact, precisely the opposite is true. We’re all spending more and more time messing with our phones (sometimes mindlessly). Companies who opt not to communicate with their clients via mobile risk alienating themselves as well as missing out on a huge potential.

You must persevere with any marketing approach. A single bulk SMS does not constitute a campaign. Companies must decide to embrace all aspects of it, develop a long-term strategy, and implement it.

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