Which is the best bulk SMS service provider ?

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On the basis of following multiple factors, you must consider while selecting your bulk SMS  Service provider.

  1.  100% Delivery for Maximum Returns

With over 7 years of long experience in text SMS and billions of SMS push, local text sms benefits from multiple telecom operator partnerships and an intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway technology. in this bulk SMS industry, MobonAir is the only company that gives guarantees for best-in-class delivery ratio and minimal fractional latencies for all your Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS, while being fully compliant with TRAI regulations.

Why it matters a lot: Local SMS providers and resellers are often connected to a single operator or aggregator via a single smpp gateway. if Any glitch in this connectivity occurs – and there are many such glitches through the day – often means a delayed or lost SMS (and, lost transactions)!

2. Send SMS Campaigns your Customers Love

With MobonAir, you can easily send customized SMS right from the web User Interface. you can send personalized and fully customized millions of texts via merge fields, sending regional language texts, attaching files and images, or scheduling/staggering the pushes, it is very easy to send SMS from MobonAir. You can even create and send personalized coupons, tickets, and surveys through our robust SMS gateway.
Why it matters: Personalized media-rich Text Messages are proven to be more effective than plain-vanilla bulk SMS campaigns. With MobonAir unique award-winning features, you can quickly craft such campaigns saving both time and resources.

3. Authentic Reports = Right Decisions

MobonAir provides authentic real-time reports so that you can track the delivery status of every SMS sent. Our delivery reports are directly retrieved from operator updates and are certified genuine via various audit teams. within our promotional SMS login/ accounts, we ensure all DND numbers are scrubbed and excluded from billing.

Why it matters: we validate your database for measuring the campaign reach, it is helpful to have authentic delivery reports. some of the fraudulent SMS providers that provide fake delivery reports to make up for the ridiculously low prices.

4. Powerful SMS APIs for Easy Integration

MobonAir’s SMS APIs go beyond send-SMS functionality and enable you to fetch delivery reports, receive SMS, schedule campaigns, pull results from mobile forms & surveys, and much more! We also offer extensive API documentation with sample codes in widely-used programming languages.

Why it matters: Our powerful Text SMS APIs help you with deeper integration, faster go-to-market, and lower development effort! Beware of local SMS providers that provide limited API functionality and offline documentation as they can significantly increase your development costs.

5. Measure, Modify and Maximize Campaign Effectiveness

MobonAir brings unprecedented visibility to your SMS campaign performance by providing detailed click-through reports for any weblinks or attachments included in the texts. you come to know how many recipients opened your links, along with their mobile number, device characteristics and the time of the click.